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Falling Torrent  瀑布奔流


Falling Torrent 瀑布奔流 

大徳寺聚光院 所蔵 

The collection of the Daitokuji-Temple, Jukouinn

I wanted to express multi-phased changes of the different part of the same waterfall. Their faces are reflecting between the shape of rocks and the volume and the speed of running water. It could be changed each module of water fall, and even will produce so call a – ion.

72.8cm × 53.0cm 1999

聚光院和尚(小野澤虎洞氏)と作品の前にて 2/25/18(聚光院庫裏)

Asura  阿修羅


Asura 阿修羅 

  京都仁和寺 所蔵
the collection of the Ninnaji  Temple Kyoto
   45.5cm × 53.0cm

「阿修羅」仁和寺奉納式 2018年2月25日

Mt. Fuji in twilight

Mt. Fuji in twilight

Mt. Fuji turned red in the setting sun. It’s Red, but turned in many colors of red and layers in twilight. Turning never stops in a second. Sometimes, It reminds me of what my life has been. I feel life is long and short and always in motion and never comes back
to the same position and moment in our life. (Jan.1/2018)      
                                                                                         Eiichiro Nakajima

Twilight Fuji #69

22.7cm ×15.8cm

Twilight Fuji #70

27.3cm × 24.3cm

Twilight Fuji #71

27.3cm × 24.3cm1/2018

Twilight Fuji #72

41cm × 24.2cm1/2018

a pond in fresh foliage

A pond in fresh foliage

I found a really mysterious pond in the deep forest. I believe that this one did not exist in the map when I checked the route before I started.
The surface of this pond is reflecting foliage green surrounding the pond.
I could not distinguish the true color between water and the surrounding foliage. (Jan.1/2018)      
                                                                                         Eiichiro Nakajima

A pond in fresh foliage #64

45cm × 38cm

A pond in fresh foliage #73

45.5cm × 38cm

BoatHouse_in_Kamakura #67

22.7cm × 15.8cm


33.4cm ×24.3cm

light and shadow

Light and Shadow

One day, I watched a strange phenomenon on the wall of the teahouse in Kamakura. It was a single light bulb beside a wall. The wall was lighted by this single bulb but one more shadow bulb appeared next to it on the wall. Of course, this shadow bulb has been reflected by the other light source from the sunbeam. After the moment, I had noticed one more shadow, which was a reflection of that shadow. I was convinced that Light and shadow are reflecting each other and does not mean they are separate. (Jan.1/2018)      
                                                                                         Eiichiro Nakajima

 light and shadow #75

22.7cm × 15.8cm

 light and shadow #76

41cm × 31.8cm

light and shadow #77

41cm × 27.3cm

clock hands

What a clock shows with its hands.

Time is shown on a clock by the minute and hour. 
The stream of time flows from the past to the present and into the future, 
and this direction is an irreversible change and never going back. 
So, I have one question. What is a clock showing with its hands now?
                                                                                         Eiichiro Nakajima

clock hands #78

22.7cm × 15.8cm 1/2018 

 clock hands #79

22.7cm × 15.8cm 1/2018


A distorted building

I found a distorted building in neat rows on the street in Ginza. The scene looks unusual, which I have never seen before but soon after the second, I noticed that there is something interesting.
We have adopted so-called “normal” or “general” but there is no absolute standard sensibly accepted by all. I don’t know how this distorted building will be accepted 50 years later but It’s interesting and something new in Ginza. (Jan.1/2018)      
                                                                                         Eiichiro Nakajima

Hiroshige Kasumigaseki  #80

41cm × 27.3cm

Hiroshige Ginza(Surugacho)  白富士 #81

45.5cm × 27.3cm

Hiroshige Ginza(Surugacho)  赤富士 #82

45.5cm × 27.3cm

Round Window

A round window

Normally, the window shape is square in the western style architecture. I think that the reason is very simple. It’s a practical. However if you see it from a different angle, they can take any shape. For example, the window of the tea room use a round or deformed square shape. The meaning of deformed square is that each corner is not perpendicular but somewhat round. This shape may not be practical but it represents the spirit of tea ceremony, in that the tea master will accept anyone who wishes to enter the teahouse. (Jan.1/2018)      
                                                                                         Eiichiro Nakajima

Round Window and lemon #65

41cm × 27.5cm

Round Window #84

41.0cm × 27.5cm

Round Window and lemon #85

41.0cm × 27.5cm

Round Window #86

41.0cm × 27.5cm
写真撮影: (株)クインテッセンス 若林  茂樹

CV     Eiichiro Nakajima, DDS,DMSc 

1945 born in Takasaki, Gunma, Japan
1948 started to learn water color painting
1960 entered Takasaki High School, studied under Mr. Fusaichiro Inoue and 
        Mr. Toru Tsukada. Started oil painting
1974 Private practice Nakajima orthodontic Office in Yushima, Tokyo
1982 met Mr.Reiji Hiramatsu and started Japanese style painting
        under the great influence from him.
1992 the 1st solo exhibition at Wako Gallery in Ginza
1993~1996 solo exhibition at Osaka, Fukuoka and Tokyo again
2006 invited as a guest exhibiter of the festival of Kamakura Hachiman
2016 got a painting blessed to the Daitoku-ji, Jukou-in in Kyoto and to the
        Ninomiya Kindergarten in Maebashi
2017 got a painting purchased the long-established Japanese –style confectioner“ Ichimonji-Ya”,
        got a painting blessed Hoboji Temple in Takasaki
        Permanent preservation to Bunkyo Word
        Permanent preservation to alma mater Takasaki High School
Solo exhibition;
1998 July13~ July 18, Wako Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo
1999 July6~July 11, Oishi Gallery in Fukuoka
2000 July14~July 19, Inui Gallery in Osaka
2001 June 4~June 16, En Galary in Ginza, Tokyo
Office   2-33-1 Bunkyo-ward Tokyo, Japan
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